Friday, October 22, 2010

My kid is Gumby!!

Today we went to Pizza Hut with Hunter for lunch. We sat right next to a pinball/bouncy ball machine. We didn't have any quarters so he just kept going to it and looking at it. He opened the bottom, where the bouncy balls come out and discovered someone had left one in there. So of course he was SO excited. He played with the ball while he ate. Once he finished his lunch he went back to the machine and put the ball back in the little door shut it and re-opened it. Low and behold the ball was now gone!! He somehow had pushed the ball back up inside the machine. He reached his little arm in and was trying to feel for the ball. I went over and was telling him to get his arm out of there....he says, "Mom! I feel money in here!" He pulls his arm out and has a quarter in his hand!! Somehow, he had gotten his hand/arm up and in the quarter part of the machine!!! He puts the quarter in, plays the game gets two bouncy balls and says. "Yay!! Im gonna get more money!" Then proceeds to shove his arm in the hole again! This time, mom gets his arm, pulls it out and says. "No sir! We do not reach in and get money out! Thats not ours to get!" 
I would have said more but honestly, I was in awe. I didn't know you could even get your arm in there far enough to reach the money!! Crazy kid!!  Talk about flexible!!

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